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Initial Sketch of Registered Addresses of Tesco Companies

Following on from Mapping the Tesco Corporate Organisational Sprawl – An Initial Sketch, where I graphed relations between Tesco registered companies based on co-directorships, I also used OpenCorporates to grab the registered addresses for the companies returned from the OpenCorporates reconciliation API based on a search using the term tesco.

This initial sketch uses two node types – companies and registered addresses (here’s the Scraperwiki view used to generate the graph file):

We can see how several of the addresses relate to the same location, although they are not identical in string matching terms – a bit of text processing may be able to fix that though…

Not surprisingly, the Cayman Islands features as well as the Cheshunt address…

Having got addresses, we could do a bit of geocoding and pop the results onto a map…here’s an example using Google Fusion Tables.

Written by Tony Hirst

April 13, 2012 at 2:11 pm

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  1. […] possible link between companies was their registered address, so we could also start to explore which similarly named companies might be sharing a physical office. It’s not hard to imagine […]

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