Mashup Mayhem BCS (Glasgow Branch) Young Professionals Talk

On Monday I gave a presentation for the BCS Glasgow branch at the invite of Daniel Livingstone, who I met in the mashup mart session at the CETIS bash last year.

I’d prepared some slides – even rehearsed a couple of the mashups I was going to do – and then fell apart somewhat when the IE6 browser I was using on the lectern PC failed to play nicely with either Pageflakes or Yahoo Pipes. (I had intended to use my own laptop, but the end of the projector cable was locked away…)

“Why not use Firefox Portable?” came a cry from the floor (and I did, in the end, thanks to Daniel…). And indeed, why not? When I was in the swing of doing regular social bookmarking sessions, often in IT training suites, I always used the local machines, and I always used Portable Firefox.

But whilst I’ve started “playing safe” by uploading at least a basic version of the slides I intend to use to Slideshare before I leave home on the way to a presentation, I’ve stopped using Portable Firefox on a USB key even if I am taking the presentation off one… (There is always a risk that “proxy settings” are required when you use your own browser, of course, but a quick check beforehand usually sorts that…)

So note to self – get back in the habit of taking everything on a USB key, as well as doing the Slideshare backup, and ideally prepping links in a feed somewhere (I half did that on Monday) so they can be referred to via a live bookmark or feedshow.

Anyway, some of the feedback from the session suggested handouts would have been handy, so here are handouts of a sort – a set of repurposed slides in which I’ve taken some of the bits that hopefully worked on Monday, along with a little bit of extra visual explanation added in. The slides probably still don’t work as a standalone resource, but that’s what the talking’s for, right?!;-)

There are also some relevant URLs collected together under the glasgowbcs tag on my delicious account:

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3 thoughts on “Mashup Mayhem BCS (Glasgow Branch) Young Professionals Talk”

  1. This is good advice I plan to take to heart. I always screw myself over with the greasemonkey mediawiki presentation script. I think driving slides from a wiki is a brilliant idea and have often in the past asked audiences to tweak the presentation beforehand, add questions etc, in the wiki. Only to get up front and not be able to use my laptop because of some stupid hotel conference snafu. Most of the time, Portable FF would have saved the day.

  2. If I say I’m so glad it happens to you too, would you take it in the right spirit? Just had one of those lesson observations where if it could go wrong it did and I don’t think portable firefox would have helped either. Bluetac and flipchart paper saved the day.

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