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  1. You are most welcome, Tony Hirst. I like it when the web gets a little more wired. By the way, I discovered the single post feed construct not from the Codex, but by using the Feedstats plugin by one of my favourite WP plugin developers, Frank Bueltge. This plugin also happens to provide the feed URL to which people subscribe. And people seem to subscribe to all kinds of things outside of the standard blog feed. Go figure.

  2. It’s an amazing stroke of luck that you posted this the very day I was searching for information on how to do this. You saved me a ton of time. Thank you very much!

  3. I’m hoping you can help me. I’ve searched the internet and your post is the only one I can find that relates to what I am looking for. I am a member of a site that lets me upload my blog feeds vs rss. My last 10 blog posts uploaded successfully. I am trying to find a way to link select older posts. I followed your instructions a feed link you suggested and the link worked but did not import the select feed but the ones that were already linked.

    http://myblog.com/feed/?s=“my-blog-post-link” and various combinations and it still just imported the prior posts.
    I tried this way as well and it didn’t work either


    I looked at the plugin listed in the first comment and since it was not in English, I wasn’t sure about using it.


    1. The tricks mentioned in this post apply to blogs hosted on wordpress.com and other WordPress hosted blogs. Other blogging platforms, such as blogger, aren’t so rich in the feed support they offer.

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