The Fake Digital Britain Report

Jumping on the “Fake” bandwagon, we’ve decided to do a little experiment over on WriteToReply, by providing t’community who complained bitterly about the Digital Britain Interim report an opportunity to come up with something better…

And so, I’d like to announce the The Fake Digital Britain Report wiki.

So if you think that we need 2Gbps rather than 2Mbps broadband access, then argue your case on the wiki pages…

The initial section headings are taken form the original WTR republication of the report (“Digital Britain Interim Report” on WriteToReply although of course, they are subject to change… (A lot of people were complaining that the UK games industry was not well represented in the interim report, so now they have an opportunity to add in the missing section…;-)

As ever, a feed is available from the fake report in the form of a changes feeds to the wiki: Recent changes to “The Fake Digital Britain Report” feed.

Another thing we’re trying to do with the Fake Digital Britain report is find a way of supporting the wiki activity by pulling in comments made to the report on WriteToReply to the “Fake Digital Britain Report” discussion page:

This is achieved using the MediaWIki Extension:RSS:

The re-use of the original section headings in the wiki page means that there’s also a sensible mapping to the comments in the discussion page, which are pulled in at the section level from WTR.

PS We’re also going to have a look at the WIki Article Feeds Extension to see if we can do anything interesting with that… In the meantime, we’ve already got a demonstration of how to pull a mediwiki page into WordPress page here: Guidelines for re-publishers (scraped from the wiki) (uses the Append WIki page plugin (I think?).

Who knew that blikis could be so much fun…?;-)

Author: Tony Hirst

I'm a Senior Lecturer at The Open University, with an interest in #opendata policy and practice, as well as general web tinkering...

7 thoughts on “The Fake Digital Britain Report”

  1. Yes, we’re using the ‘append wiki page plugin’, better known as the ‘Wiki inc’ plugin.

    The WikiArticlesFeed extension appears to throw errors when used in MediaWiki 1.13.4

    Will keep digging….

  2. I will check out your site but I happen to be of the opinion that to get to 100 Mbps or 2 Gbmps – we will need to go and solve 2Mbps for all first.

    As well as the USO for 2Mbps, I think the final Digital Britain report must at a minimum bring forward the case of a £1.8bn stimulus for rural FTTC as per BSG analsys Mason. This ought to include consideration of diverting some of the licence pay to the network provider as part of the case.

    Is this too far off beam or is consistent with your intentions?

    1. I think if they go for the 2Meg USO then they will just patch up the existing obsolete copper network that exists now, they won’t run fibre. The only way to make sure that the network is futureproof and can run at any speed people are willing to pay for is to replace the copper with fibre. Fibre is cheaper anyway, and BT have the ducts, it should be simple for them to do it. They just need a push. Or they need nationalising if they aren’t prepared to move on. A legacy network that has served us well for so long, but times are a changing…

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