7 thoughts on “Ordered Lists of Links from delicious Using Yahoo Pipes”

  1. Wow, thanks for the graduate level Pipe class ;-) This definitely works; the downside of course is the cognitive overhead of tagging in such a prescribed order. But I can see perhaps a group project where people are expected to use but one order tag.

  2. @alan So the next step would be to build a UI mashup to delicious that will display the links from a particular tag combination feed (the links you want to appear in an ordered list), order them as required (drag’n’drop goodness) and then autotag them with ordering tags via the delicious API…?

    Unfortunately, I have way too much on for the next few weeks to try this… :-(

    A stop gap would be to do the editing in delicious, and create a greasemonkey script to just tweak the order/layout on the delicious page according to a specified ordering tag?

  3. Hey thanks for the tip about combining multiple elements into a single element. I was stuck trying to do this and Google lead me here!

  4. Thanks so much for this! You got me past the ‘subitem’ issue and I created a general pipe for creating a feed for delicious bookmarks that receive more than a set number of saves with given tags:


    I think this may be useful for others as well, they can change the words in the ‘filter’ and customize it to see hot links in real time.

    Thanks again!


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