Open Content Asset Bundles from the BBC

Several weeks ago now, BBC R&D took a leaf of Nine Inch Nails’ book (see The Future of Music, Educational Remix – Samples Library and Visualising Audio) and launched a pilot TV show along with its raw assets, for viewers to remix and re-edit: R&DTV – New project from RAD and BBC Backstage/ R&D.

The programming comes in 3 forms.

1. A brief 5 minute video, containing all the very best bits
2. A longer 30 minute video, containing deeper conversations
3. The Asset Bundle, containing everything we used and didn’t use to make the videos above’

You can watch, rip, redistribute and remix all the contents of this package under a creative commons non-commercial attribution v2 licence.

Something else I recently came across was a link to the BBC Learning Development website, operated by “a small team within the BBC’s Learning department with the task of creating and developing new multi-platform projects with either a formal or an informal learning focus.”.

One thing that caught my eye in particular was the Radio Show Maker, “an online tool that allows children to record, mix, edit and upload their own radio shows.”

Unfortunately, I can’t find a link to the actual Radio Show Maker anywhere, (so I guess in the meantime I’ll just have to settle for the CBBC ident mashup maker or a Dr Who trailer creator!)

Anyway, as we’re coming round again to planning our next co-pro edition of Digital Planet, I’ve started wondering whether we could release an asset bundle (maybe in association with the R&D or Learning Development folks (or both!), and get the Digital Planet listeners making their own edits of the programme? (There’s a summary of what we got up to last time at: A Week on the Digital Planet….) Time is tight, though: TX date is some time around the last week of this month, I think?

PS Hmmm, that reminds me… whatever happened to the Find, Listen, Label trial, “a tool for adding notes to radio programmes. You can split the programme into smaller sections, called snippets, and then add a Label.”

Radio programmes can be split into snippets, like chapters. These may be associated with articles in the programme, like interviews, or just mark out interesting bits. The purpose of dividing the programmes like this is to make it easier for everyone to Find and Listen to specific parts of the programme


Author: Tony Hirst

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