A Quick Peek at the IWMW2009 Twitter Network

This is just a quickie following up Preliminary Thoughts on Visualising the OpenEd09 Twitter Network, Where Next With The Hashtagging Twitterers List? and Who’s Tweeting Our Hashtag? with a couple of images showing some of the ‘Twitter action’ going on around IWMW2009. (I’ll post the how to when I’m not on holiday…the recipe is a little different to the approach I used in the previous posts…;-)

First up, a graph of who sent a tweet to whom whilst using the #iwmw2009 hashtag. The arrows go FROM the person sending the tweet TO the person they sent it to (I think…):


Secondly, a graph of the RT/retweet network. The arrows go FROM a person who RTd a post TO the person who sent the original tweet (so if A RTd B, the arrow goes FROM A TO B).


Note that if a link goes from A TO B TO C, it doesn’t necessarily mean that A RTd B’s RT of tweet from C. It just means that at some point A RTd B, and at some point B RTd C. This sort of graph might help to identify amplification networks? So for example, we see iwmw and briankelly both being amplified/RTd quite a bit, as well as jaducms. Were folks from the latter engaged in a little bit of social media PR, I wonder?!;-)

Okay – that’s enough of a teaser for now; back to being on holiday… :-)

PS I actually tweeted a links to a couple of similar graphs fro opned09 ystrday – but there was a big oops and those graphs were actually wrong, so I’ve deleted them; I’ll repost them via a blog post in a few days…

Author: Tony Hirst

I'm a Senior Lecturer at The Open University, with an interest in #opendata policy and practice, as well as general web tinkering...

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  1. The question is are the people who are popular in Twitter popular in real life?

    Can you come up with a bit of code to work out that one?

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