Reusable Presentations, On the Road

A couple of years ago I dabbled with a simple web page application that would allow a user to run a presentation based around a set of web pages (FeedShow Link Presenter (I have no idea if it still works…!)). I’ve been thinking about presentations again over the last couple of weeks, in particular:

– pondering how nice it would be to have a site that combined some of the functionality of Slideshare and flickr, allowing folk to upload their presentation to a site, at which point it would automatically be disaggregated into component slides-as-images, each with it’s own URI, so that individual slides could be easily discovered, shared and reused; Slideshare lets you get a permalink for a particular slide within a slide deck (just add “/N” to the end of the presentation URL to view slide N in the deck (example), but I also want to be able to take and reuse individual slides natively, rather than just screengrabbing them;

– looking for ways of remotely controlling a presentation on my laptop using an iPod Touch or Android phone; things like the Keynote remote, for example, which I really need to try out, the iClickr Powerpoint remote or the pitchr Android app which appears to let you stream presentations from your phone to a computer connected to a big screen/projector (Pitchr video; I can’t help thinking there’s an opportunity for “hot screens” that users can tie their own devices to, e.g. in planes and trains; I donlt know if the Camvine have given any thought to that sort of screen use?):

It seems that other folk have been thinking about presentations too, as a couple more presentation related technologies have appeared across my feeds in just the last few days.

So for example – a couple of new to me Slideshare features are personal playlists (feed powered slideshows and documents – because Slideshare now lets you upload docs, much like Scribd does), and presentation packs (feed powered collections of slideshows):

I don’t think Slideshare yet offers WordPress friendly embed codes for presentation packs (one of the downsides of using for blog hosting is that there is a restrictive policy on what can be embedded in a blog), but this is what they look like:

On the portable presentation front, MightyMeeting provides a way of controlling a web based presentation from your phone:

This looks like it could be a really handy app, not only as a remote but also as tool for giving presentations while on the hoof, assuming your phone can support calls and a web browser/app at the same time?

I’m not sure if they’ve considered telephony integration using something like Ribbit? Voice/telephony integration with web apps seems to be something that hasn’t yet taken off, possibly because things like Ribbit use Flash, which is still hard to find on many mobile devices, possibly because of the policies of the carriers, who still rely on voice traffic as a revenue generator. But give it a year or two, and I think voice supplemented apps could be a growth area?

PS don’t forget you can also embed Youtube videos within slideshare presentations, as this example shows:

I think this could be a really good way of providing context around small collections of short Youtube videos and an effective way of creating short lessons around video based OERs. Anyone know of any examples of such an approach being taken anywhere?

Author: Tony Hirst

I'm a Senior Lecturer at The Open University, with an interest in #opendata policy and practice, as well as general web tinkering...

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  1. None of them are doing what you first describe hey Tony. Websites into slides, slides into image stacks, each image with uri, portable to mobile (my android wont do flash). I would ad audio synch and export to video features too. Please build it Tony!

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