My Arcadia Project Review (Presentation)

Today was another of those days when I rambled aloud, and in public…

Thanks for turning up, folks…. apols for not leaving much time at the end for discussion…

Author: Tony Hirst

I'm a Senior Lecturer at The Open University, with an interest in #opendata policy and practice, as well as general web tinkering...

4 thoughts on “My Arcadia Project Review (Presentation)”

  1. nice presentation of material. how did you created the paned slides? did you use a tool of some sort or is it all your own work? ;-)

    1. I created the original text filled grid (a 3×2 table), copied it 6 times and deleted 5 different text comments on each. next step was to merge some cells and put in resized photos to complete each slide, duplicate filled slides and delete images as required.

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    2. There’s a little backstory to the grid as well:

      1) I’d been reading Presentation Zen (the book) again, and was mulling over the layout/presentation of Japanese lunch boxes;

      2) I’ve been thinking for some time about designing slides for multi screen displays like the one in slide 2 which is in one of the new OU buildings;

      3) I’d been pondering what might be a different way of representing bullet points, yet still getting several points onto a slide

      4) I was looking for a new way of doing slides that would be a little more, err, artistic than my normal effort

      5) i still haven;t cracked the problem that my slides are useless as after-the-fact documentation of the talk

      Driving up to MK on the way to give the talk yesterday, I found that the way the slides were composed worked as a memory palace/mnemonic. That is, I could go through the 18 or so points raised by the images from memory…

  2. I was lucky enough to view the slides first hand at the presentation. They worked well and gave quite a good flow to it. It told a good story. A couple of the images a bit small but worked OK in the small room.

    Interestingly I’ve seen 2 presentations this week with innovative techniques. David Bainbridge’s Greenstone talk in KMI on Thursday used ‘Realistic Book software’ with turning pages on a book to display the presentation.

    Looking forward to a follow up with library staff

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