9 thoughts on “Twitter Powered Subtitles for BBC iPlayer Content c/o the MASHe Blog”

  1. The first thing that occurs to me is that you could create an ‘expert’ commentary which you offer as a ‘subtitle download’. Rather than just bringing in the whole Twitter stream, instead get acknowledged experts (like academics at the OU?) to publish their commentary as a subtitle file.

    This could perhaps present alternative arguments, point at further reading/resources, critique what is being said etc. etc.

    Think the opportunities here are quite significant in terms of educational use – combining mass media, high quailty, broadcasting with individual expert knowledge.

    Want a post-modern critique of last night’s Corrie?
    Want to know what an evolutionary biologist can add to Blue Planet?
    Want to know more about the answers to the questions asked on University Challenge?

    Download these and more from ou-subtitles.com right now…

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