Multi-Dimensional and Multiple-Perspective Storytelling

In Reversible, Reverse History and Side-by-Side Storytelling I linked to an example of side-by-side video storie where two videos are played next to each other. @cogdog then shared a link in the comments to the HBO video cube which adds a whole other dimension!

(I seem to remember the BBC experimenting with similar forms in the past – e.g. co-broadcasting different perspectives of the same story on different channels, or even different media (such as radio and television [anyone got an links to write-ups of those?).

Anyway, today, via GigaOm, I came across something related – a virtual choir:

For some reason, that video also reminded me of this?!

Anyway, it struck me that backchannel commentary is another approach that demonstrates this mutliple perspective idea. Which is why I think that the Twitter video captions idea has a long way to run yet. (By the by, Martin Hawksey has a done a great job posting a version of Gordon Brown’s Building Britain’s Digital Future announcement with twitter subtitles. If anyone wants to volunteer or help fund us to develop this app a little further, we have the ideas but just need to secure the developer time…:-)

Author: Tony Hirst

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