F1 Data Junkie – Visualising the Zone

Another scheduled eye candy tease of a post… this time, visualising the braking zone ( > 5% brake force) over several tours of the Bahrain circuit:

These markers really need colouring into bins (e.g. 5-10%, 10-20%, 21-40%, 41-60%, 61-80%, >80%) or treating via a heat map to show the brake going on/coming off, if we can assume that Hamilton is doing pretty much the same thing each lap… (What we’re doing i essentially trying to create a fine degree of resolution in space by taking samples over returns to the same space over multiple laps.)

By way of comparison, here’s where Hamilton is full on with the throttle (throttle at 100%):

Gulp… remember when the Hamster tried to do that?

Sheesh… so you you hear him talking about the braking forces, here’s what it looks like in the 4G (longitudinal, very heavy braking) and above bin:

Author: Tony Hirst

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