Gephi Bits 3: Augmented User IDs Around Social Objects

This is just a short post picking up on a point made in the post Gephi Bits 2: A Further Look at Comments on Social Objects in a Closed Community describing augmented user IDs.

It’s also confusing and I don’t think that useful – hence the strike through:
You will remember the setting is a dataset describing a set of photos uploaded to a website by users with a particular ID. Users can also comment and favourite each others’ photos. To try to separate out the different roles an individual may take (commenter, favouriter, or photo uploader), we might define a separate category alongside each edge definition to place the user in a particular role. For example, if we prepend a user ID with the tag f-, c- or p-, to dentaote favourtiing role, commenting role or photo owner role, we might end up with edge definitions that looks something like:


and with node definitions along the lines of:

nodedef> name VARCHAR,username VARCHAR, ltype VARCHAR

Alternatively, we might also retain the original user ID so we can partition the data by user:

nodedef> name VARCHAR,usernameType VARCHAR, ltype VARCHAR, username VARCHAR

In this view, I’m grouping the comments, favourites and photos uploaded by an individual around the central null node whcih contains user IDs. I’ve exploded one user so we can look at their contributions:

Comments, faves and photos

If we do a a level ego search around an individual user ID (e.g. of the form jd342, i.e. the username category), we can look at the photos they have interacted with; if we increase this to level 2 we can also see the other people who have interacted with those photos:

Favourites around an image

By using the “Autoselect neighbour” facility, we can hover over a node to see which other nodes it is connected to. So for exampe, if we hover over a commenter ID, we can see which photos they commented on. In the following image, we see who has commented and favourited a particular image. The size of the node is proportional to the number of comments or favorites the person with that ID has made:

Gephi 'Autoselect neighbour'

In the following case, we look at someone in a similar social circle to jd342, based on the fact that this person has commented on a lot of the same photos:

Similar social circle

Okay – that’s enough for now; this post is more of a brain dump than anything, and one that’s getting overcomplicated and confusing, so apologies if it makes little or no sense. In the next post, I’ll show you how to do something much simpler;-)

Author: Tony Hirst

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