Google Charts Now Plot Functions

I didn’t get round to posting this at the time it was announced, but as I’ve got a few posts on a similar theme already (e.g. RESTful Image Generation – When Text Just Won’t Do) I think it’s worth a quick post for continuity, if nothing else: Google Charts support for TeX images and formula plotting (i.e. provide an equation and it will give you an image back of the formula plotted out); there’s also an interactive Google Charts Playground that I hadn’t seen before…

You can also add labels to images…

So for example, take this URL:

and it delivers this:

GOogle chart demo

The following is also plotted:

google chart formula plot

from this URL:

On the TeX front, this URL:

google TeX chart demo

Getting the escaping can be a bit of a pain, but the interactive playground makes things slightly easier:

Google chart playground

(You still need to escape things like “+” signs, though…)

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