ffmpeg – Handy Hints

Since starting to play with the Onyx VJ toy over the weekend, I’ve spent more time than I should trying to find various ways of mapping between various movie file formats… I’ve also started looking for movie clips to use as the basis for animations within Powerpoint, as if my presentations weren’t already confusing enough;-)

Anyway, ffmpeg seems to do the job brilliantly… because it’s command line driven, and I just *know* I’ll forget the command if I don’t collate them somewhere, I’m going to use this post to aggregate useful conversions.

If you know of any really powerful ones I’m missing, please let me know via a comment…

  • Convert a swf flash file to avi: ffmpeg -i file.swf file.avi
  • Convert an AVI file to swf (eg for use in Onyx) and strip out the audio (-an): ffmpeg -i file.avi -an file.swf

Author: Tony Hirst

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