TV Critic/Reviewer, or TV Scheduler?

Having a tinker with a couple of Yahoo Pipes that pull down RDF and XML versions of BBC series and programme pages for programmes that the OU had a hand in co-producing, an earlier post on Some Thoughts on My Changing TV Habits came to mind, and in particular the thought that:

a lot of TV related PR activity (which we go in for at the OU because of our co-pro arrangement with the BBC) is aimed at getting previews of programmes into the press. But from my own viewing habits, a large part of my viewing (particularly over iPlayer content) is guided by post hoc reviews appearing in the weekend press of programmes broadcast over the previous seven days, as well as “last week’s” Radio Times, and (occasionally) social media comments from people I follow relating to programmes they have recently watched themselves. From a PR point of view, there may be an increasing benefit in considering “after-TX” PR opportunities to exploit the fact that content remains viewable over a 7 or 28 day period (or even longer for series linked content or content that is rebroadcast on other BBC channels).

In particular, as more and more content is available on a catchup basis, might we see media players who publish television review columns, and particularly those who do so on a weekly basis in the weekend papers, publishing “easy viewing” tools that make it easy to watch in one go the programmes reviewed in that week’s review column?

That is, might we see reviewers reviewing programmes from throughout the previous week becoming de facto schedulers of content for readers to watch one evening later in the next week? Read the review, then watch for yourself..

(Thinking back, maybe that thought was also influenced by this post on YouTube Leanback Brings Personalized Channels To Your TV, which I remember reading earlier today; in particular the “notion of leaning back and just watching is something that will take some getting used to. That said, YouTube reports that Leanback users are consuming 30 minutes at a time — twice as much as they do using the normal site — so obviously it’s working for some people.”)

PS as to that pipework:

BBC/OU co-pro programmes currently available on iPLayer
clips from OU/BBC co-pro programmes currently available on iPlayer

PPS I also did a cutdown demo pipe, especially for Liam… episodes of Coast currently available on iPlayer

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