Massive Open Online Courses – All You Need to Know…

When I started writing the Digital Worlds uncourse blog, and tried to persuade others that we should run the live drafting as the focus for a real presentation of a course, this was a large part of what I had in mind but couldn’t articulate clearly enough at the time, and probably still can’t…So here’s Dave Cormier on how the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) approach works:

Here’s something of the philosophy behind it:

And “success” in taking such a course? That takes a different form too:

If you want to try out a MOOC, why not make it a New Year resolution? Several are starting in the new year, so why not check out P2PU, Jim Groom’s Digital Storytelling or keep an eye out for whatver Siemens, Downes, Cormier et al. get up to next…


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