Corporate Data Analyst and Online Comms Jobs at the OU

Though I’m sure these sorts of job have been being advertised for years, it’s interesting tracking how they’re being represented at the moment, and the sorts of skills required.

Corporate Data and MI Analyst, Marketing (£29,853 – £35,646)

Main Purpose of the Post:
The post holder is a member of the Campaign Planning and Data team and will be required to play a pro-active role in that team, balancing the needs and recommendations of their own areas of responsibility with the wider needs and priorities of the team and the whole Marketing & Sales Unit.

This post has been constructed to assist the University to develop its marketing capacity so that challenging targets can be met. It will be essential for the post holder to work to harness the energies of academic and academic related staff in the University’s academic units, service units and regions to develop a more effective marketing strategy. This will require influencing and networking skills and an ability to adapt engagement style to an academic context.

The post holders work within a team producing Campaign Plans for both new and continuing students. The plans drive the allocation of over £10M of promotional activities (acquisition and retention campaigns).

Description of Duties of the Post:

Contribute to optimising the University’s customer targeting capability via regular reappraisal of segmentation policy with a view to increasing market share in high yield segments
Contribute to development and delivery of robust models, tools, skills and resources to enable segmentation, competitor and market analysis and data mining within the Campaign Planning Team and more widely within Marketing and Sales.

Planning 60%
Input into overall marketing plans and support planning process.
Segment the prospect data mart by developing key prospect indicators to provide Response, Reservation, Registration, Retention and other key metric predictions for each.
Support quantification of product performance predictions to provide Response, Reservation, Registration, Retention and other key metric predictions for each.
Maintain and contribute to development of a targeting model, which overlays product performance predictions/actual by segment over the agreed marketing plan to provide a targeting matrix.
Communicate targeting matrix to stakeholders and overlay tests and current campaign activity to provide an agreed campaign plan based on minimising Cost per Registration and maximising marketing mix and integration strategy.
Monitor performance daily and update segmentation, product and targeting models to maintain a data driven test and learn cycle. Identify significant deviations from forecast and potential actions.
Continually review the Customer Journey through input into creation of a Retention model based on a balanced scorecard approach. Work with key stakeholders to prioritise and implement developments.
Input into model validation and quality control.

Data 20%
Support development of a marketing data mart to primarily support marketing analysis and campaign execution.
Provide input into marketing data developments encouraging sharing of data and best practise.
Support development of in-house tools and processes to improve marketing analysis and campaign execution, primarily SAS and SIEBEL. Support other areas in evaluating tools and systems.
Where appropriate, maintain the relationship with OU data providers ensuring relevant data processing, development, quality and SLA’s are controlled.
Promote data use within marketing and other OU areas, maximising the use of data and providing a hub for data developments to be controlled

MI 20%
Input into development of key performance measures to be used across the OU.
Develop relationships with key OU stakeholders to ensure common goals are met.
Facilitate the use of marketing data across the OU and develop tools to support.
Support data focused research and tests with analytical input.
Input into development and maintenance of campaign performance measures.

Person Spec – Essential
Substantial experience in a campaign planning, analysis or similar role including for
example; campaign execution, data extraction, the development of data infrastructure.
Experience of Direct Marketing.
Experience of B2B and / or B2C marketing.
Experience of data propensity and segmentation modelling.
A balance of marketing analysis and technical skills, including data quality and protection.
Experience of test and learn data driven analysis, targeting processes and systems;
Proven ability to see trends in data and drill down to issues or key data.
Proven ability to develop relationships with key decision makers and stakeholders.
Proven ability to translate marketing requirements into planning / execution requirements.
Excellent presentation and facilitation skills.
Provide analytic support and direction to colleagues to ensure understanding.
Proven ability to meet challenging deadlines without compromising quality.

Still no adverts* for a “learning data analyst” though, tasked with analysing data to see:

– whether effective use is being made of linked to resources, particularly subscription Library content and open educational resources;

– whether there’s anything in the student activity data and/or social connection data we can use to predict attainment and/or satisfaction levels or improve retention levels.

* That said, IET do collect lots of stats, and I think a variety of stats are now available relating to activity on the Moodle VLE. I’m not sure who does what with all that data though…?

PS I wonder if any of the analysts that companies like Pearson presumably employ look to model ways of maximising the profitabilty, to those companies, of student acquisition and retention, given education is their business? (See also: Apollo Group results – BPP and University of Phoenix, Publishing giant Pearson looks set to offer degrees).

PPS This job ad may also be of interest to some? Online Communications Officer, Open University Business School (£29,853 – £35,646)

Again, it’s interesting to mark what’s expected…

This brand new role in the School will drive the development of online communications. Focusing on increasing engagement and traffic through the website, you will ensure this work is appropriately integrated into the wider work of the University’s Online Services, Marketing and Communications teams. Reporting to the Director of Business Development and External Affairs, it will be your responsibility to develop the website including content, usability, optimisation, interactivity and driving increased visitor numbers and online registration. You will continually find new and inventive ways to engage with our stakeholders and promote the reputation of the Business School through the online channel.

Your responsibilities will also extend to the School’s virtual presence through social networks, iTunes U and YouTube and utilise these channels to our advantage. You will increase our presence as well as delivering virtual campaigns to improve the overall student numbers. In this role, it will also be your responsibility to develop relationships with other areas of the University engaged in this work and will play a key role in the management of these relationships.

Summary of Duties
The main duties of the Online Communications Officer are detailed below.

• Advance the social media strategy ensuring it is inline with the Universities media position, market response and the development of new technology.
• Manage the online activity of the Business School’s social media communities
• Liaise, as appropriate, with units within The Open University, such as Online Services to keep up to date with policy changes and AACS regarding technical developments.
• Liaise with the Business School’s Information Officer for the maintenance and feeding of the Research Database into the website
• Generate assets to host on the website e.g. an Elluminate Demo Video
• Keep abreast of trends and developments to ensure that the Business School’s online presence remains at the forefront
• Work alongside Online Services, to monitor the visitor traffic of the website and establish appropriate and effective KPIs for dissemination across the Business School, for example through the creation of a dashboard.
• Engage in personal development based on organisational needs and developments to foster a high level of professional skills and technical ability
• Ensure that corporate branding and media guidelines are adhered to
• Understand and appreciate internal procedures and standards and be proactive in recommending improvements
• Ability to apply best professional practice to deliver effective solutions that take into account technical, budgetary and other project considerations
• Edit the content of both the internet and intranet
• Collate, interpret and select key information for dissemination on the latest trends and research in social media both within the OU and externally
• Produce graphics where necessary or liaise with designers in the University or outside agencies to produce graphics.
• Create/collate digital assets including audio and video files
• Post moderate discussion forums
• Disseminate best practice through a variety of communications channels eg project website, OU Life news, brief updates etc.
• Develop and maintain awareness of different audience needs in relation to appropriate communications channels (eg email, screensaver, website, print).
• Act as a flexible member of the Business Development and External Affairs team.
• Carry out other tasks as specified from time to time by the Project Director

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