TSO Open Up Competition – Result:-)

Yesterday, I had the great fortune to win the 2011 TSO OpenUp Competition (@TSOopenup). My idea to open up UCAS course code data was pitched alongside Gail Knight‘s Great British Public Toilet Map idea [presentation] (this so needs doing…), Harry Harrold‘s New Premises app (I can see commercial estate agents going for this one…), and Benjamin Wood’s My Neighbourhood App idea (which would be a great complement to OpenlyLocal, methinks…?)

TSO OpenUp trophy :-)

I’ll post the slides [here] I pitched once I’ve tidied and checked the embedded notes, and a quick write up of the idea hopefully by the end of the day…


  1. Derek Jones

    Brilliant news – well done! Great sub-ideas.

    I must admit, the first thought when I saw your first tweets on this earlier was ‘this data isn’t available?’.

    This means you will have to actually finish it then…

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