Visual UI Editor For Google Apps Script

One of the things that’s still on my to-do list is to get round to playing more with Google Apps script, particularly the ability to create web-hookable services around spreadsheets and generate custom user interfaces to Apps Script powered applications.

Here’s something I think I’ll need to add to the list, as brilliantly spotted by @mhawksey: an experimental visual editor for creating forms in Google Apps Script:

Visual UI builder in Google Apps script

Here’s a preview of it in action:

Google Apps UI builder

And again from Martin, here’s a link to the developer forum group discussion about how to use it in its current experimental state…

I have to pop out now, so know time to play, but I thought it worth a mention… (Martin will probably have a post up about it before long;-)

PS also of note, another step on how the route to open peer appraisal and peer-supported CPD might work out, check out Martin’s draft application for the ALT Learning Technologist of the Year Award 2011.

PPS in passing, via @schmerg, an HTML5 visual editor for browser based UIs: Maqetta

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11 thoughts on “Visual UI Editor For Google Apps Script”

  1. I don’t know what the Google Apps Script team drink, but going by the rate of evolution I imagine it’s highly caffeinated. I haven’t seen this level of open product development since Google Wave (oops, don’t mention Wave)

    Think I’ll let you play with the GUI first. Along similar lines (and with your Google Apps as a mashup environment ringing in my ears here’s another way for non-programmers to start playing with the potential of UI services (I’m sure it’ll all be obsolete by next week ;)

      1. @martin As you’re one of my few trusted sources, it means I don’t always immediately check the things you say before I RT or link to them, whereas I do with most other sources;-) SO what didn’t you check….?! Err…?!;-)

    1. As someone who works with the primary author of the GUI builder, I can say the drink is Coke Zero :).

  2. in comment#1 I blatantly plug my ‘way for non-programmers …’ but then I realised that you’d already linked to this in the post (‘brilliantly spotted by …’).

    [It was another late night, might need a lie down ;]

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