2 thoughts on “Using GetTheData to Organise Your Data/API FAQs?”

  1. Tony

    This sounds very useful. I’d like to investigate whether this would be a way of supporting XCRI-CAP development. Although we have our wiki at http://www.xcri.org/wiki and the knowledge base at http://www.xcri.co.uk, I wonder if it would be possible to look at using GetTheData for emerging XCRI-CAP API stuff? I’m conscious that at the moment the potential or actual XCRI developer community is isolated and each developer is reliant on his or her own resources and links.

    For example, could we filter out questions re HE courses information from GetTheData and set up somewhere on the knowledge base to stick them? We’re running a Joomla website for the KB, so it ought to be possible to do this somehow.

    Additionally, could we perhaps syndicate data questions from the XCRI Forum at http://www.xcri.org/forum into GetTheData and get the answers out and back on the Forum?

    I don’t think I’m the right person to do the technical side of this, but I’d willingly help with it at the Joomla or Forum end. I also doubt whether Scott (our main technical guru in the XCRI support project) would have time.

    Alan Paull

    1. @alan I’m sure we could find a way of filtering on university related posts in general and xcri ones in particular if there’s a use for it…:-)

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