OU Badged BBC Class Clips?

I’m on holiday, but I can’t stop pondering (again) how to make more of an OU flavoured collection of content currently on BBC iPlayer… Whilst bookmarking a few more BBC/OU co-pro series pages just now, I spotted one series at least has had clips posted in to the (new to me) BBC Learning Zone Class Clips:

BBC Class clips

Which got me wondering: if OU does fully funded co-pros of content that ends up in the Learning Zone Class Clips area, wouldn’t it be good if the clips listings also displayed the OU logo…?

Or maybe if the OU got a mention on the actual clips pages?

BBC class clips

After all, the OU gets a mention, and a link, on the original programme page:

OU BBC prog page link

And arguably, we could do more to support learning journey related actions and resources at the more detailed, class clips level?

PS Hmmm, I wonder how things like Class Clips fit into OER space???

PPS QUIck note re: bookmarked series pages; there are also occasions when the OU co-pros an occasional episode in a longer running series, as in the case of BBC CLick Radio (World Service), which runs weekly but only has occasional OU co-pro’d episodes? From a series page linking to episode pages, how would I identify the OU co-pro’d programme pages? Or would I have to ignore series pages and just bookmark/index actual co-pro’d episode pages (if they exist?)?

PPPS Ah – this looks interesting (BBC prototype): THe Programme List (“Add entire shows, series or just episodes, See which of your programmes are available today”). So I should be able to add in lists of OU/BBC co-pros, and see a view over episodes that are currently available on iPlayer. Which makes me think: could something like The Programmes List also be used to publish and view 3rd party curated collection lists, opening up “scheduling” of BBC content to all-comers?

Author: Tony Hirst

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