Fragment: Looking up Who’s in Whose Google+ Circles…

Just a quick observation about how to grab the lists of circles an individual is in on Google+, and who’s in their circles… From looking at the HTTP calls that are made when you click on the ‘View All’ links for who’s in a person’s circles, and whose circles they are in, on their Google Profile page, we see URLs of the form:

– in X’s circles:

– in whose circles?

You can find the GOOGLEPLUSUSERID by looking in the URL of a person’s Google+ profile page. I’m not sure if the &rt=j is required/what it does exactly?

Results are provided via JSON some crappy hacky weird format, with individual records of the form:

,["Liam Green-Hughes",,,,"4af0a6e759a1b","EIRbEkFnHHwjFFNFCJwnCHxA", "BoZjAo3532KEBnJjHkFxCmRz",,"//",,1,
"Milton Keynes",,,"Developer and blogger",0,,[]

A scratch API, of a sort, is available form

Note that these connections don’t seem to be available via the Google Social Graph API? (Try popping in the URL to your Google+ profile page and see who it thinks you’re linked to…)

Author: Tony Hirst

I'm a Senior Lecturer at The Open University, with an interest in #opendata policy and practice, as well as general web tinkering...

3 thoughts on “Fragment: Looking up Who’s in Whose Google+ Circles…”

  1. great post!
    The file seems to contain only the followers that interacted or the top contributors? only about a third of my followers appear in the file… any idea why?

    1. @julien Been some time since I looked at this; the ‘whose circles’ url has a parameter ‘n’ that could be number of items returned (possibly with a paging option also), so the same may be true when looking up who’s in X’s circles?

      I did a script for grabbing friends/follower lists from Google+ and plotting how they follow each other here: (code link art the bottom of the post).

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