Further Innovations in Campus Mapping

Almost a year or so ago I posted some quick round-ups of some recent innovations (at the time) in UK HE’s use of online campus maps (Open Data Powered Location Based Services in UK Higher Education, Innovations in Campus Mapping). Retweeting a post from Mike Nolan (Mapping the campus) about Edge Hill’s use of OpenStreetMap as the basis of an intereactive campus map (a nice example of how local benefits can support the common good?) I got a couple of tweeted responses about use of OpenStreetMap elsewhere:

– @danmcquillan mentioned how “my social computing 2nd years added detail & edits to @openstreetmap for @GoldsmithsUoL” [GoldsmithsUoL on OpenStreetMap]

– @julieallinson sent a link to the blog post that announced the University of York’s latest interactive map release, as well as to a behind the scenes post, which describes their use of custom tiles from CloudMade with the Google Map API providing the interactive map infrastructure. Data for location markers is stored in a Google Spreadsheet and then transformed into an appropriate JSON format via YQL which is glued into the map using a dash of JQuery. Magic:-)

I was also interested to see how the York U Estates department was releasing information about their building codes.

A quick trawl turned up a couple of other approaches to campus mapping that I don’t think I’ve mentioned before:

– the University of Warwick interactive map appears to use Bing maps, and as part of the offering provides a crude room level search:

– From the GoGeo team at Edina, a how-to post on creating simple campus maps using Digimap ROAM. Digimap ROAM is a service that allows you to annotate Ordnance Survey maps that can then be “printed off” as PDF documents.

The GoGeo blog post ends with a tease – “In the next post, we will look at some more advanced uses of Digimap data in campus maps” – but I can’t find any evidence of such a follow on post appearing?

So – any other innovations in campus based interactive maps out there (and in particular, web team blog posts about some of the technical details, including links to github repos containing the relevant code, perhaps?!;-)

PS Further OSM based campus maps: University of Cambridge

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