When Posts Collide… Is Online Education Disruptive or Just Academia Realising the Web Exists?

This: Why Software Is Eating The World

…and this: The Single Most Important Experiment in Higher Education.

In the same breath…

So? Complete the following sentence: Today, the world’s largest educational provider is….?

Now read this: Should Pearson, a giant multinational, be influencing our education policy?

And again: Today, the world’s largest educational provider is….?

And how about the same question, but in two years hence? And in five years?

Will anything really be that different?


  1. Colin Geissler

    A few years ago, Dr. Frits Pannekoek, President of Athabasca University said in the next 10-years to accommodate the number of students world-wide who could attend university means we need to start building one large UBC-sized institution every week … or we need to figure out something else to do. I am not saying Coursera is THE something else, but it could be another step forward.