Checking HE for Cracks…

As an HE policy blogger, apparently, (Higher education policy: 12 UK blogs worth bookmarking), I thought I’d log a handful of contextual links around Martin Weller’s playful post suggesting a conspiracy around How to dismantle a sector, stage 2 relating to some of the other possible cracks I’ve noticed recently (feel free to add more in the comments). These are offered in the spirit of conspiracy development, (cf. Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum or The Prague Cemetry…), and provide a few more jigsaw pieces to play with…

By the by, on the conspiracies front, I notice via John Naughton the announcement of a bunch of postdoc research positions on Conspiracy and Democracy: History, Political Theory and Internet Research:

1. Conspiracy Theories in 19th-Century Europe
2. Cultural Transfer and Comparison: Europe and America
3. Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories in the Contemporary World

Political Theory
4. Rational Choice and Democratic Conspiracies
5. Ideals of Transparency and Suspicion of Democracy

The Internet
6. The impact of global networking on the nature, dissemination and impact of conspiracy theories.

What’s missing from that list (for me) is something on the network/graph structure of conspiracy theories…?

Author: Tony Hirst

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