Google Gets Out of Personal Control?

This is a rant… It may or may not be coherent… it’s just me venting and trolling myself…

Earlier today I posted a selection of F1 battlemaps in a post on the F1DataJunkie blog, which is hosted on Blogger: F1 Canada 2015 Battlemaps – How the Race Happened from the Drivers’ Perspective. The charts were uploaded to the blog, which in turn means that they they’re stored on Google photos or whatever the service is called.

Being in a Blogger – and hence Google – context, a Google+ (or Google Accounts or whatever we’re supposed to call it now) profile button was present in the top right hand corner of the screen. It alerted me to some activity, and even though I generally avoid Google Plus, I think Blogger autoposts there, so I clicked through.


It seems that Google had created an animated gif (an “auto-awesome” picture) out of the images that were contained in the blog post and “added” it somewhere (?) for me.

In this case, the animation is a pure nonsense.

I don’t recall every having opted in to this content-creation-on-my-behalf, and I’m not really interested in Google taking my stuff and mucking about with it. (I know it does this when it resizes images, for example, but in that case, it doesn’t change the content. And I know it does who knows what with my data, and any content that goes any near any of its storage services so it can “better” “personalise” thing for me (as well as presumably using that content and context in a whole range of learning and training algorithms).)

Anyway – as to auto-awesome – I think this is how to disable it?


PS I don’t remember offhand how I’ve licensed the content on the F1DataJunkie blog (did I get round to CC-BYing it?), but whatever the copyright status, I assume that by my agreeing to my uploaded Blogger images being stored on Google Photos, I grant Google a license to do whatever the f**k it wants with them, if only for my own access and amusement, and then go on to grab at my attention to tell me?

PPS In passing, in response to an an iOS update, I tweeted: itunes update on ios. 37 pages of terms and conditions. Thirty Seven. God only knows what terms and conditions I “agreed” to. But presumably, given that I

PPPS see also Mia Ridge on The rise of interpolated content?.

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