Link Sharing in Classrooms, Workshops and Conferences

Every so often, I get reminded of old OUseful experiments by recent news, some of which still seem to work, and some of which don’t (the latter usually as a result of link rot or third party service closures).

So for example, a few weeks ago, the Google Education blog announced a new Chrome extension – Share to Classroom (Get your students on the same (web)page, instantly.

In the first case, it seems as if the extension lets someone at the front of the room share pages to class member screens inside the room. Secondly, folk in the class are also free to browse to other pages of their own finding and push suggestions of new pages to the person at the front, who can review them and then share them with everyone.

Anyway, in part it reminded me of one of my old hacks – the FeedShow Link Presenter. This was a much cruder affair, creating a frame based page that accepted an RSS feed of links referred to by the main presenter that audience members could click forwards and back through, but that also seems to have started exploring a “back with me” feature to sync everyone’s pages.

Presenters could go off piste (splashing page links not contained in the feed, but it looks as if these couldn’t be synched. (I’m not sure if I addressed that in a later revision.) Nor could audience members suggest links back to the main presenter.

The Feedshow link presenter had a Yahoo Pipes backend, and still seems to work; but with Pipes dues to close on September 30th, it looks as if this experiment’s time will have come to an end…


Ho hum… (I guess I’ve stopped doing link based presentations anyway, but it was nice to be reminded of them:-)

Author: Tony Hirst

I'm a Senior Lecturer at The Open University, with an interest in #opendata policy and practice, as well as general web tinkering...

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