Ideas for Data Journalism Exercises Number 237 – “Prescribing Cuts”

Via Andy Dickinson’s Media Mill Gazette open data / data journalism newsletter (issue 92), I notice that Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group appears to have taken a decision to stop prescribing specialist baby formula.


Although hospital prescription data is not typically released as public data (though I wonder, is it FOIable?), which ruled out a quick Sunday morning data dive chasing the weekend newspaper story that Drugs firms are accused of putting cancer patients at risk over price hikes, prescribing data is available for GPs, both as an open data download and via the openprescribing API.

So a wondering for a possible data dive… For GPs in a particular CCG (easy enough to find), could we find prescriptions relating to the baby milk formulas mentioned in the Croydon story (Nutramigen and Neocate) and then see how related prescribing – and costs of prescribing – have changed over the last 12 months?

Yet another thing to add to the “could do this if my time was my own” list…

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