I So Want Try a Docker/Kitematic ContainerBook…

So it seems that Chrome OS joins forces with VMware to accelerate the adoption of Chromebooks in the enterprise.

From a quick skim, it seems as if VMWare’s Workspace ONE product, which is at the heart of the announcement, provides a secure online environment for launching managed, personally contextualised, virtualised services

Which is just pusshin more and more stuff to the web, and more and more requiring that always on netwrok connection.

What I keep thinking I’d like to have is a containerbook, rather than netbook. Think: Docker + Kitematic + Docker Compose + a browser.

Kitematic UI

Services/apps in the container(s) then either run as headless/macine accessed services, or expose an HTML UI accessed via a browser.

Which reminds me: Kitematic still doesn’t support Docker Compose, does it? (Is Panamax still a think in this regard?)

PS another take would be a browser that had Virtualbox built in that could be used to run containers, or could otherwise access desktop virtualisation. This could all get a bit messy though… CF. also things like Windows 10S won’t run Chrome, or the Chrome O/S requirement to use the browser that is the O/S, rather than installing your own browser – such as Microsoft Edge, for example.

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