Parliamentary Data Sources & API Wrappers

A stub post for collecting together:

  • code libraries that wrap APIs and datasets related to UK Parliament data;
  • downloadable datasets (raw and annotated);
  • API endpoints;
  • etc.

If you know of any others, please let me know via the comments…


Official Parliament APIs

Secondary Source APIs


  • mnis: a small Python library that makes it easy to download data on UK Members of Parliament from (about)
  • They Work For You API: no longer maintained?


  • hansard: R package to automatically fetch data from the UK Parliament API; but not Hansard!
  • twfy: R wrapper for TheyWorkForYou’s API (about)
  • twfyR: another R wrapper for TheyWorkForYou’s API

Data Sourcing Applications



  • Hansard Speeches and Sentiment: a public dataset of speeches in Hansard, with information on the speaking MP, their party, gender and age at the time of the speech. (Large files (~3GB) – example of how to query datafile using Apache Drill.)

Data Handling Utilities


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