Helluva Job – Still Not Running Libvirt vagrant plugin on a Mac…

Note to self after struggling for ages trying to install <span class="s1">vagrant-libvirt plugin on a Mac…

Revert to vagrant 2.0.0 then follow recipe given by @ccosby


Then more ratholes…

Try to start a libvirtd daemon: /usr/local/sbin/libvirtd  which I had hoped would write a socket connection file to somewhere that I could use as the basis of a connection (? /var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock ) but that didn’t seem to work?:-(

Help (/usr/local/sbin/libvirtd --help) suggests:

Configuration file (unless overridden by -f):





CA certificate:     $HOME/.pki/libvirt/cacert.pem

Server certificate: $HOME/.pki/libvirt/servercert.pem

Server private key: $HOME/.pki/libvirt/serverkey.pem

PID file:


but $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/ doesn’t appear to be set and I can’t see anything in local dir… Setting it to /var/run/ doesn’t seem to help? So I’m guessing I need a more complete way of starting libvirtd such as passing a process definition/config file?

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