More Than Ten Free Hosted Jupyter Notebook Environments You Can Try Right Now

Looking for a free, online Jupyter notebook server? Here are some you can try right now…

Generic Environments

Research Publishing / Environments

DataSci / ML Environments

Training / Education Environments

There are also a couple of temporary notebook servers provided by the Jupyter core development team:

If you’re looking for some consultancy support / help in getting a notebook server environment up and running, the folk at Hub Hero may be able to help…


My old, old post on Seven Ways of Running IPython / Jupyter Notebooks is getting rather long in the tooth — I really should cast it as a WordPress page rather than post and keep it up to date — and it doesn’t seem to get much traffic anymore, so this post is set to serve as a quick round up of several services I’m aware of that offer a free plan for hosted Jupyter notebooks and a crappy post title that may or may not generate traffic…

If you’re aware of any more, please let me know… This post won’t be actively maintained but I will try to do the odd bit of gardening around it as and when I come across additional services and/or aware of services shutting down, closing their free plans, etc etc… If you come across more services, please add them via the comments (ideally with a brief description of what they offer) and I’ll plant them in the page each time I pass by… If you want to comment on any of the services listed, eg with services they offer, the extent of the free plan, or how quickly pricing kicks in, please feel free to do that too…

I’ll also try to annotate entries with brief descriptions of what’s available as and when I get a chance…

Author: Tony Hirst

I'm a lecturer at The Open University, with an interest in #opendata policy and practice, as well as general web tinkering...

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