Simple Script for Grabbing BBC Programme Info

It’s been a long time since I used to play with BBC data (old examples here) but whilst trying to grab some top level programme names / identifiers / descriptions of BBC programme content that we might be able to make use of in an upcoming course revision, I thought I’d have a quick play to so see if any of the JSON feeds were still there.

It seems they are, so I popped together a quick throwaway thing for grabbing some programme info by series and programme ID, with the code available via this gist.

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(Folk don’t necessarily believe that I write code every day. But I do, most days. Things like this… “disposable helper scripts”, developed over a coffee break rather than doing a Killer Sudoku or trying a crossword, treated as a simple throwaway coding puzzle with the off chance that they’re temporarily OUseful.)

PS I’ve think I’ve posted noticings like this before, but always useful to remark on every so often… Using contextual natural / organic advertising for recruitment…


I wonder what percentage of computing academics are aware that such things go on?!

Author: Tony Hirst

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