Neo4J Graph Database Running in MyBinder

Earlier today, I spotted this rather handy Global Witness repo that includes data ingest and analysis around the UK Persons of Significant Control register using Neo4J.

In part it reminded me of my own early explorations around the PSC register, as well as previous attempts at setting up linked Jupyter notebook and RStudio environments linked to neo4J, such as  Getting Started With the Neo4j Graph Database – Linking Neo4j and Jupyter SciPy Docker Containers Using Docker Compose and this one on Accessing a Neo4j Graph Database Server from RStudio and Jupyter R Notebooks Using Docker Containers.

I’ve also previously explored how to run Postgres server in a Binderised / MyBinder environment — Running a PostgreSQL Server in a MyBinder Container — so it seemed only natural to see if I could launch neo4J in a MyBinder environment too.

Setting things up to work with a Python client is easy enough — see this templated, Binderised repo — binder-neo4j — although at the moment I can’t seem to get the neo4j web UI to work with jupyter-server-proxy.

Now I’m wondering whether I should try to put together a Binderised repo that uses Sam Leon’s Global Witness repo scripts to ingest the PSC data into a Binderised repo to make running graph queries over the PSC data possible in a Mybinder environment…

View demo in MyBinder:

Author: Tony Hirst

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