Insecure, But Anyway… RPi Web Terminal

A simple http web terminal offering ssh access into a Raspberry Pi…

# In RPi terminal
sudo apt install libffi-dev
pip install webssh

# Run with:
wssh  --fbidhttp=False --port=8000

Then in browser, go to raspberrypi.local:8000 and log in to raspberrypi.local host with defult credentials (user pi, password raspberry), or whatever credentials you have set…

Insecure as anything, but a quick way to get ssh terminal access if you don’t have another terminal handy.

Next obvious steps would be to try to run the service in the background and ideally run it as a service. The security should probably also be tightened up.

Note that another alternative is to run a Jupyter server, which will provide terminal access and some simple auth on the front end, though you’d be limited to running with the permissions associated with the notebook user.

[Ah, this looks like it has steps for getting a service defined, as well as creating a local SSL certificate: ]

PS see also webmin: or (although this takes up 300MB+ of space… )

That said, for webmin, Chrome will tell you to f***k off and won’t let you in because the SSL certs will be off… Because Google knows best and Google decides what mortals can and can’t see; and as with everyone else who works in ‘pootahs and IT, it’s not in their interest for folk to have an easy way in to accessing compute via anything other than regulated insitutional or monetised services. I f****g hate people who block access to compute more than I f****g hate computers.)

Author: Tony Hirst

I'm a Senior Lecturer at The Open University, with an interest in #opendata policy and practice, as well as general web tinkering...

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