It Starts With a Wondering: Hmm, How Would I Do That?

Via @MSportLtd on the twitterz:

Amazing stages, but this hasn’t been our weekend. Having analysed the data, our times are strong on the more technical sections and when the conditions are tricky we’re right up there – so that’s a positive to focus on

Which makes me wonder: hmm, how would I ascertain that?

From the linked blog post:

Showing their speed through the narrow, more technical sections, both crews drove well and delivered some competitive split times. But the high-speed sections that characterised much of the day didn’t fully suit the Fiesta.

When the conditions were at their trickiest, the Fiestas were able to demonstrate their pace and ability to challenge at the sharp end – Suninen setting the fourth fastest time despite a spin through a challenging second pass of Mustalampi (SS6).

So that’s something else to add to my ideas-to-play-with list: how would I: a) verify that, and b) detect it…?

PS here’s another, from @AnttiL_WRC…

#ArcticRallyFinland SS4 Kaihuavaara had a very fast section which @ElfynEvans took 4:20 to complete with average speed of 154 km/h (timed from onboards). For @TeemuSuninenRac it was 12 seconds slower. During the remaining twisty sections of the stage he only lost ~1 s to Evans.

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