Bill and Ted’s Revolting ChatGPT Adventure

Your history assigment is due, and it’s soooooooo boring…

Are you familiar with the film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

Me to ChatGPT

I would like to imagine a factually correct version of the film, at least in terms of what the contemporary characters might say. Suppose that I am Bill and have been able to go back to 1805. Suppose that you are a sreenwriter writing a screenplay, but with facually correct historical footnotes to illustrate the dialogue. Next, suppose that I go back 1805 and I meet Napoleon Bonaparte and ask him “hey, Napoleon, who are you fighting at the moment?” How might he respond ?

Me to ChatGPT

Now suppose it is 1812, March, Huddersfield. I am in John Wood’s cropping shop and meet George Mellor. I say to him: “You aren’t looking happy George? What’s wrong?” How might he reply?

Me to ChatGPT

What if I asked him: “What work do you do here?”

Me to ChatGPT

To make things easier, could you generate a response as if I had directed the question to whoever I am pretending to talk to. So in this case, as George Mellor might respond.

Me to ChatGPT

The mill owners are making life hard for us. How can we stop them?

Me to ChatGPT

Suppose I go away for a few weeks and return in June 1812. I meet George Mellor again and ask: “I hear there has been trouble. Folk say you were involved. What happened?”

Me to ChatGPT

Hmm… I’m not sure about the strikes. And there’s no mention of machine breaking, Rawfold’s Mill or “Luddites”… Horsfall was killed a few weeks later, and no mention of a plan against him.

In a new thread:

Are you familiar with Pentrich Revolt and the supposed role of William J Oliver in it?

Me to ChatGPT

Hmmm…. Seems like ChatGPT is on dodgy ground here…

I would like you to help me write a screenplay about that event. Suppose a worker from Pentrich were in Nottingham on June 15th, 1817 and met Oliver there and asked him “Did you hear about Folly Hall?” How might he reply. Please add historical footnotes to the screenplay to provide further background.

Me to ChatGPT

Hmm… what do the historical footnotes say?

Total b*****ks. Bill and Ted fail. (Eg search for folly here: )

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