More Thoughts On Jupyter Notebook Search

Following on from initial sketch of Searching Jupyter Notebooks Using lunr, here’s a quick first pass [gist] at pouring Jupyter notebook cell contents (code and markdown) into a SQLite database, running a query over it and then inspecting the results using a modified NLTK text concordancer to show the search phrase in the context of … Continue reading “More Thoughts On Jupyter Notebook Search”

Running SQLite in a Zero2Kubernetes (Azure) JupyterHub Spawned Jupyter Notebook Server

I think this is an issue, or it may just be a quirk of a container I built for deployment via JupyterHub using Kubernetes on Azure to run user containers, but it seems you that SQLite does things with file locks that break can the sqlite3 package… For example, the hacky cross-notebook search engine I … Continue reading “Running SQLite in a Zero2Kubernetes (Azure) JupyterHub Spawned Jupyter Notebook Server”

Fragment: Indexing Local Jupyter Notebooks for Search

It’s been some time since I last explored this (eg here and here, and as far as I know know other solutions have appeared since, but a question still remains as to how to effectively search over a set of notebooks. Partial alternative solutions maybe worth noting include: nbscan for searching over notebooks from the … Continue reading “Fragment: Indexing Local Jupyter Notebooks for Search”

Fragment – TM351 Notebooks Jupyter Books In the VM and Via An Electron App

Another fragment because I keep trying to tidy the code so it’s ready to share and then keep getting distracted… Previously, I’ve already posted crude proof of concept demos transforming OU-XML to markdown and rendering it via Jupyter Book and wrapping a Jupyter Book in an electron app shell. I’ve managed to get a Jupyter … Continue reading “Fragment – TM351 Notebooks Jupyter Books In the VM and Via An Electron App”

First Play With nbgallery

Having hacked together a bulk uploader for nbgallery and uploaded the TM351 notebooks to a test environment, I’m now in a position to start having a play with it. All public notebooks are searchable, so how does the search fare? The search box top right gets a little bit lost in the search results listing. … Continue reading “First Play With nbgallery”

Bulk Jupyter Notebook Uploads to nbgallery Using Selenium

I’ve recently started looking at nbgallery [repo], “an enterprise Jupyter Notebook sharing and collaboration platform” written in Ruby. The gallery provides a range of tools, including: a Solr powered notebook search engine; a notebook “health check” (I haven’t tried this yet); integration with Jupyter notebooks, so you can run notebooks (I haven’t tried this yet). … Continue reading “Bulk Jupyter Notebook Uploads to nbgallery Using Selenium”

Exposing Multiple Services Via a Single http Port Using Jupyter nbserverproxy

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been circling, but failing to make much actual progress on using, OpenStack as a platform for making self-serve OU hosted VMs available to students. (I’m increasingly starting to think this is not sensible, but I’m struggling to find someone I can chat to about it… OpenStack is too … Continue reading “Exposing Multiple Services Via a Single http Port Using Jupyter nbserverproxy”

Initial Sketch – Searching Jupyter Notebooks Using lunr

Coming round as it is to that time of year for updating, testing and freezing/”gold mastering” the TM351 VM that we distribute to students for the October presentation of our Data Analysis and Management course,  I’ve been thinking about how we can make the VM more useful for students, and whether the things we’re looking at … Continue reading “Initial Sketch – Searching Jupyter Notebooks Using lunr”