Feeding on OU/BBC Co-Produced Content (Upcoming and Currently Available on iPlayer)

What feeds are available listing upcoming broadcasts of OU/BBC co-produced material or programmes currently available on iPlayer? One of the things I’ve been pondering with respect to my OU/BBC programmes currently on iPlayer demo and OU/BBC co-pros upcoming on iPlayer (code) is how to start linking effectively across from programmes to Open University educational resources. … Continue reading “Feeding on OU/BBC Co-Produced Content (Upcoming and Currently Available on iPlayer)”

OU/BBC Co-Pros Currently on iPlayer, via ScraperWiki

A quick update to yesterday’s post on OU/BBC Co-Pros Currently on iPlayer: I’ve popped the first draft of a daily scraper onto Scraperwiki that looks at my delicious bookmark list of OU/BBC series co-pros and tries to find corresponding programmes that are currently available on iPlayer: OU BBC Co-pros on iPlayer Scraperwiki This is probably … Continue reading “OU/BBC Co-Pros Currently on iPlayer, via ScraperWiki”

OU/BBC Co-Pros Currently on iPlayer

Given the continued state of presentational disrepair of the OpenLearn What’s On feed, I assume I’m the only person who subscribes to it? Despite its looks, though, I have to say I find it *really useful* for keeping up with OU/BBC co-pros. The feed displays links to OpenLearn pages relating to programmes that are scheduled … Continue reading “OU/BBC Co-Pros Currently on iPlayer”

Linked Data Without the SPARQL – OU/BBC Programmes on iPlayer

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to look at the Linked Data project from different points of view. Part of the reason for this is to try to find one or more practical ways in that minimise the need to engage too much with the scary looking syntax. (Whether it really is scary … Continue reading “Linked Data Without the SPARQL – OU/BBC Programmes on iPlayer”

BBC iPlayer Gets a New Beta Release, plus Some Thoughts on My Changing TV Habits

The last few weeks have just seemed crazy to me – lots of events, new folk to meet, some incredibly stimulating conversations and a seemingly incessant flow of announcements that might actually mean something coming in over the interwebs. Picking up email as I was leaving the OU last night, I spotted an invite to … Continue reading “BBC iPlayer Gets a New Beta Release, plus Some Thoughts on My Changing TV Habits”

iPhone 7 Day OU Programme CatchUp, via BBC iPlayer

Somewhen last week, I posted about a Recent OU Programmes on the BBC, via iPlayer hack that uses an Open2 twitter feed to identify recently broadcast OU programmes on the BBC, to create a feed of links to watchable versions of those programmes via BBC iPlayer. So yesterday I had a little play and put … Continue reading “iPhone 7 Day OU Programme CatchUp, via BBC iPlayer”

Recent OU Programmes on the BBC, via iPlayer

As @liamgh will tell you, Coast is getting a quite a few airings at the moment on various BBC channels. And how does @liamgh know this? Because he’s following the open2 openuniversity twitter feed, which sends out alerts when an OU programme is about to be aired on a broadcast BBC channel. (As well as … Continue reading “Recent OU Programmes on the BBC, via iPlayer”

TV Courses

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a BBC news article announcing that a University launches online course with TV show: In what is being claimed as the biggest ever experiment in “edutainment”, a US television company is forming a partnership with a top-ranking Californian university to produce online courses linked to a hit TV … Continue reading “TV Courses”

Historical OUseful Jottings on Amplified Conferences

Via a tweet, @briankelly asks for links to things I’ve posted about around the notion of amplified conferences, whatever they are (I’m starting to reconsider what this might mean in the context of Conference Situational Awareness). I fear that there’s an increasing number of posts under the OUseful.info banner that I’ve completely forgotten about, but … Continue reading “Historical OUseful Jottings on Amplified Conferences”