Watching YouTube Videos on Boxee via DeliTV

One of the easiest ways to get started with DeliTV is to use it to watch video feed subscription from YouTube. With DeliTV, you can bookmark the following sorts of Youtube content and then view it in a DeliTV Channel: Bookmarked YouTube page Resulting DeliTV subscription User homepage/channele.g Teachers’ TV channelGuardian Newspaper Recently uploaded videos … Continue reading “Watching YouTube Videos on Boxee via DeliTV”

Thematic BBC TV Channels on Boxee, courtesy of DeliTV

One of the nice things about iPlayer is that there are plenty of RSS feeds available for different sorts of content that is currently on iPlayer. So for example, there are feeds available by channel, by genre, by genre and channel, feeds that contain the most popular programmes, and so on. To a certain extent, … Continue reading “Thematic BBC TV Channels on Boxee, courtesy of DeliTV”

Recent BBC/OU TV Programmes on Boxee

Many of you will know that the OU co-produces several BBC television programmes, including Coast and The Money Programme, as well as a wide range of one off series. If you want to keep up-to-date with OU/BBC programmes, you can now watch BBC/OU programmes on their own dedicated DeliTV channel: just bookmark to your … Continue reading “Recent BBC/OU TV Programmes on Boxee”

So My Boxee “Delicious TV” Hack Gets a Trademark Infringement Warning

So it seems that the naming of my delicious/Boxee TV hack infringes a Trademark… All Art Media, Inc. 161 Fort Road South Portland, ME 04106 7 September 2009, The Blog Attention: Tony Hirst RE: Trademark Infringement Dear Mr. Hirst: [All Art Media, Inc. ] (the “Company”) owns and operates [Delicious TV]. The Company … Continue reading “So My Boxee “Delicious TV” Hack Gets a Trademark Infringement Warning”

Open University Podcasts on Your TV – Boxee App

Over the weekend, a submission went in from The Open University (in particular, from Liam GreenHughes (dev) and some of the OU Comms team Dave Winter in Online Services (design)), to the Boxee application competition (UK’s Open University on boxee). For those of you who haven’t com across Boxee, it’s an easy to use video … Continue reading “Open University Podcasts on Your TV – Boxee App”

Guardian Telly on Google TV… Is the OU There, Yet?

A handful of posts across several Guardian blogs brought my attention to the Guardian’s new Google TV app (eg Guardian app for Google TV: an introduction (announcement), Developing the Google TV app in Beta (developer notes), The Guardian GoogleTV project, innovation & hacking (developer reflection)). Launched for the US, initially, “[i]t’s a new way to … Continue reading “Guardian Telly on Google TV… Is the OU There, Yet?”

Linked Data Without the SPARQL – OU/BBC Programmes on iPlayer

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to look at the Linked Data project from different points of view. Part of the reason for this is to try to find one or more practical ways in that minimise the need to engage too much with the scary looking syntax. (Whether it really is scary … Continue reading “Linked Data Without the SPARQL – OU/BBC Programmes on iPlayer”