Slides from OU Rise Library Analytics Workshop: Rambling about Visualisation

For what it’s worth, slides from my presentation yesterday… As ever, they’re largely pointless without commentary… … and even with the commentary, it was all a bit more garbled than usual (I forgot to breathe, had no real idea in my own mind what I wanted to say, etc etc…) On reflection, here’s what I … Continue reading “Slides from OU Rise Library Analytics Workshop: Rambling about Visualisation”

Library Analytics (Part 7)

In the previous post in this series, I showed how it’s possible to identify traffic referred from particular course pages in the OU VLE, by creating a user defined variable that captured the complete (nasty) VLE referrer URL. Now I’m not definitely sure about this, but I think that the Library provides URLs to the … Continue reading “Library Analytics (Part 7)”

Library Analytics (Part 5)

Another day, another Library Analytics post… Today, a quick glimpse at another popular content area on the OU Library website, the “Subject Resource Collections” that dangle off Most Popular Subject Resource Collections The distribution of visits to subject resource collections is pretty flat, as the following report shows: That said, the most popular categories … Continue reading “Library Analytics (Part 5)”

Library Analytics (Part 3)

In this third post of an open-ended series looking at the OU Library website under Google analytics, I’ll pick out some ‘headline’ reports that describe the most popular items in one of the most popular content areas identified in Library Analytics (Part 2): databases. Most Popular Databases I can imagine that a headline report that … Continue reading “Library Analytics (Part 3)”

Library Analytics (Part 2)

In Library Analytics (Part 1), I did a few “warm-up” exercises looking at the OU LIbrary website from a Google Aanlytics perspective. In this post, I’m going to do a little more scene setting, looking at how some of Google Analytics visual reports can provide a quick’n’dirty, glanceable display of the most heavily trafficked areas … Continue reading “Library Analytics (Part 2)”

Library Analytics (Part 1)

Having had a wonderful time at ILI2007 last year (summary of my talk, according to Brian Kelly – “For most of the people, most of the time, Google’s good enough – get over it…”, though I like to think I was actually talking about the idea of search hubs), I’ve joined forces with Hassan Sheikh … Continue reading “Library Analytics (Part 1)”

Fragmentary Thoughts on Data (and “Analytics”) in Online Distance Education

A recent episode of TWiT Triangulation features Shoshana Zuboff, author of the newly released The Age of Surveillance Capitalism (which I’ve still to get, let alone read). Watching the first ten minutes reminds me of Google’s early reluctance to engage in advertising. For example, in their 1998 paper The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web … Continue reading “Fragmentary Thoughts on Data (and “Analytics”) in Online Distance Education”