OpenRefine Running in MyBinder, Several Ways…

Python packages such as the Jupyter Server  Proxy allow you to use a Jupyter notebook server as a proxy for other services running in the same environment, such as a MyBinder container. The jupyter-server-proxy package represents a generalisation of earlier demonstrations that showed how to proxy RStudio and OpenRefine in a MyBinder container. In this post, … Continue reading “OpenRefine Running in MyBinder, Several Ways…”

OpenRefine Database Connections in MyBinder

With the version 3.0 release of OpenRefine last year, database integration was introduced that allows data to be imported into OpenRefine from a connected database, or exported to a downloadable SQL datadump. (It doesn’t look like you can save/export data to a new database table in the connected database, or upsert the contents of a … Continue reading “OpenRefine Database Connections in MyBinder”

How to Create a Simple Dockerfile for Building an OpenRefine Docker Image

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been exploring serving OpenRefine in a various ways, such as on a vanilla Digital Ocean Linux server or using Docker, as well as using MyBinder (blog post to come…). So picking up on the last post (OpenRefine on Digital Ocean using Docker), here’s a quick walkthrough of how we … Continue reading “How to Create a Simple Dockerfile for Building an OpenRefine Docker Image”

Running OpenRefine in the Clear on Digital Ocean

In a couple of earlier posts, I’ve described how to get OpenRefine up and running remotely over the web by installing the OpenRefine server onto a Digital Ocean Linux server and running it there behind a simple authenticating proxy(Running OpenRefine On Digital Ocean Using Simple Auth and the more automated Authenticated OpenRefine Server on Digital … Continue reading “Running OpenRefine in the Clear on Digital Ocean”

Authenticated OpenRefine Server on Digital Ocean, Redux

Following on from yesterday’s recipe showing how to Running OpenRefine On Digital Ocean Under Simple Auth, here’s an even easier way that doesn’t require ssh and doesn’t require console access: just copy and paste some set-up info into a form on the Digital Ocean droplet creation page. Every little everything helps… this link will set … Continue reading “Authenticated OpenRefine Server on Digital Ocean, Redux”

AutoStarting A Headless OpenRefine Server in MyBinder Using Repo2Docker and a start Config File

When I first started using MyBinder in 2015, it came with the option of autostarting selectable services — PostgreSQL and a Spark server — within the container along with the Jupyter notebook server (early review). I’m not sure when it disappeared (the Github repo commit history should show it, if anyone’s feeling forensic investigative and … Continue reading “AutoStarting A Headless OpenRefine Server in MyBinder Using Repo2Docker and a start Config File”

Running OpenRefine On Digital Ocean Using Simple Auth

As a cloud host, Digital Ocean provides a really easy way in to getting services up and running on the web. Here’s a quick recipe for getting Open Refine up and running behind a simple authentication scheme. Creating a Server With Digital Ocean First up, create a Digital Ocean account if you don’t already have … Continue reading “Running OpenRefine On Digital Ocean Using Simple Auth”

Quick Notes – OpenRefine – Working With Databases

It seems as if the latest version of OpenRefine – v. 3.0 – is out in beta ([repo]) and it looks at if some integration with databases is provided. On the way in, you can connect to a database and import data from it into OpenRefine directly: Looks interesting, though part of me wonders “why?”: if … Continue reading “Quick Notes – OpenRefine – Working With Databases”

Keeping Up With OpenRefine – Database Connections

It’s been a few months since I last checked out updates to OpenRefine, but reading a (completed) phase 1 project plan associated with some funding the OpenRefine Foundation received from Google News Labs it looks like database support is on the cards. Database Table import/export – COMPLETED Historically, OpenRefine has been limited compared to other … Continue reading “Keeping Up With OpenRefine – Database Connections”