A Couple More Webrhythm Identifying Tools

I love the idea of trendspotting using tools that expose something of the rhythm of life on the web, so was intrigued to see another app in the area of Twitter trends via an email from @R3beccaF: timeu.se In contrast to the 1-day, 7-day, 28 day history view offered by services like Trendistic (or in … Continue reading “A Couple More Webrhythm Identifying Tools”

Google Correlate: What Search Terms Does Your Time Series Data Correlate With?

Just a few days over three years ago, I blogged about a site I’d put together to try to crowdsource observations about correlated searchtrends: TrendSpotting. One thing that particularly interested me then, as it still does now, was the way that certain search trends they reveal rhythmic behaviour over the course of weeks, months or … Continue reading “Google Correlate: What Search Terms Does Your Time Series Data Correlate With?”

Google Translate Equilibrium Finder and Google Books Ngrams

A few days ago, in the post Translate to Google Statistical (“Google Standard”?!) English?, Iwondered whether there were any apps that looked for convergence of phrases going from one language, to another, and back again until a limit was reached. A comment from Erik at digitalmethods.net posted a link to Translation Party, a single web … Continue reading “Google Translate Equilibrium Finder and Google Books Ngrams”

More Thoughts on Data Driven Storytelling

Every year for what must be getting on for the last 10 years or so now, we go to Festival at the Edge, a spoken word/storytelling festival at Much Wenlock. Although I’ve never plucked up the courage to actually tell a story there, I did do a workshop 3 or 4 years ago on Storytelling … Continue reading “More Thoughts on Data Driven Storytelling”

The Real-Time Web and its Relationship with Discovery and Search

As well as a presenting at Online Information this year, I’m also moderating a session on The realtime web: Discovery vs. Search. To try and frame what I think this topic means to me, I jotted down a set of questions that I’m not sure I have any answers for that I hope will, at … Continue reading “The Real-Time Web and its Relationship with Discovery and Search”

The Dr Who Effect on Google Search Trends

Yesterday we had a presentation at the OU from George Entwistle (Controller of Knowledge Commissioning) and Simon Nelson (Controller of Multiplatform Commissioning) about the BBC Multiplatform strategy. I don’t think anything was mentioned that was not for public consumption, except perhaps for a couple of future concepts that I hadn’t already picked up from the … Continue reading “The Dr Who Effect on Google Search Trends”

Playing With Google Search Data Trends

Early last week, Google announced a Google Flu trends service, that leverages the huge number of searches on Google to provide a near real-time indicator of ‘flu outbreaks in the US. Official reports from medical centres and doctors can lag actual outbreaks by up to a couple of weeks, but by correlating search trend data … Continue reading “Playing With Google Search Data Trends”

Google Insights for Search (on Youtube too…)

It seems that Google opened up a supercharged variant of Google Trends over the last week or two: Google Insights for Search. One useful feature the new service offers over the original trends service is the ability to compare the relative volumes for the same search term over several different time periods: It’s also possible … Continue reading “Google Insights for Search (on Youtube too…)”