Early Peek at ALTC2011 Twitter Community…

A quick peek at the quick-off-the-mark users of the altc2011 hashtag on Twitter… Social connections between folk using the hashtag: (Image generated using gephi; node size: betweenness centrality, colour – follower count) By looking at the Twitter profile of hashtag users, finding a user’s blog (or other affiliation) URL, and running RSS feed autodiscovery over … Continue reading “Early Peek at ALTC2011 Twitter Community…”

My Twitter Community Grabbing Code – newt.py

In a series of recent posts, I’ve shown various network graphs and custom search engines generated from various things on twitter – communities around hashtags, users on lists, friends of an individual and so on. Last weekend, I tried to pull together the code into some sort of integrated but extensible mess for my own … Continue reading “My Twitter Community Grabbing Code – newt.py”

List Intelligence: A Snapshot of the SciComm Community on Twitter

Here’s a quick snapshot of a some List Intelligence recipes I’m working on in the area of list and notable individual discovery…. The starting point in each case is a Twitter list in a particular topic area. The list I’m going to use in this example is @jobrodie’s scicomm list, a list of science communicators … Continue reading “List Intelligence: A Snapshot of the SciComm Community on Twitter”

Topic and Event based Twittering – Who’s in Your Community?

Another passing observation from conference related Twitter activity and hashtag discovery. Earlier today this tweet passed me by: Due to an oversight in coding of of my hashtag community pipe, the community isn’t actually constructed around hashtag use – it’s based around a free text search… …which means I can look for @jobsworth’s “hashtag” community … Continue reading “Topic and Event based Twittering – Who’s in Your Community?”

From Elsewhere: Archiving Twitter

Via an Inkdroid post on The Ferguson Principles, this handy suite of tools for archiving and normalising Twitter streams: twarc – a command line tool for collecting tweets from Twitter’s search and streaming APIs, and can collect threaded conversations and user profile information. It also comes with a kitchen sink of utilities contributed by members of … Continue reading “From Elsewhere: Archiving Twitter”

Socially Mapping the Isle of Wight – @onthewight Twitter ESP

Having dusted off and reversioned my Twitter emergent social positioning (ESP) code, and in advance of starting to think about what sorts of analyses I might properly start running, here’s a look back at what I was doing before in terms of charting where particular Twitter accounts sat amongst the other accounts commonly followed by … Continue reading “Socially Mapping the Isle of Wight – @onthewight Twitter ESP”

A Few More Thoughts on the Forensic Analysis of Twitter Friend and Follower Timelines in a MOOCalytics Context

Immediately after posting Evaluating Event Impact Through Social Media Follower Histories, With Possible Relevance to cMOOC Learning Analytics, I took the dog out for a walk to ponder the practicalities of constructing follower (or friend) acquisition charts for accounts with only a low number of followers, or friends, as might be the case for folk … Continue reading “A Few More Thoughts on the Forensic Analysis of Twitter Friend and Follower Timelines in a MOOCalytics Context”

What is the Potential Audience Size for a Hashtag Community?

What’s the potential audience size around, or ‘reach’ associated with, a Twitter hashtag? Way back when, in the early days of webs stats, reported figures tended to centre around the notion of hits, the number of calls made to a server via website activity. I forget the details, but the metric was presumably generated from … Continue reading “What is the Potential Audience Size for a Hashtag Community?”

Visualising Activity Around a Twitter Hashtag or Search Term Using R

I think one of valid criticisms around a lot of the visualisations I post here and on my various #f1datajunkie blogs is that I often don’t post any explanatory context around the visualisations. This is partly a result of the way I use my blog posts in a selfish way to document the evolution of … Continue reading “Visualising Activity Around a Twitter Hashtag or Search Term Using R”

Fishing for OU Twitter Folk…

Just a quick observation inspired by the online “focus group” on Twitter yesterday around the #twitterou hashtag (a discussion for OU folk about Twitter usage): a few minutes in to the discussion, I grabbed a list of the folk who had used the tag so far (about 10 or people at the time), pulled down … Continue reading “Fishing for OU Twitter Folk…”