Managing Time in Yahoo Pipes

In the previous post – OU News Tracking – I briefly described how to get a Yahoo pipe to output a “pubDate” timestamp in the “correct” RSS standard format: Here’s the full expression (actually, a PHP strftime expression) for outputting the date in the required RFC 822 date-time format: %a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z … Continue reading “Managing Time in Yahoo Pipes”

Merging Several Calendar iCal Feeds With Yahoo Pipes

Following up on Displaying Events from Multiple Google Calendars in a Single Embedded Calendar View, and picking up on a quip Jim Groom made in the post that started this thread (“Patrick suggested Yahoo Pipes!, you ever experiment with this? “), I did have a quick play with pipes, and this is what I found.., … Continue reading “Merging Several Calendar iCal Feeds With Yahoo Pipes”

Telling Yahoo Pipes How YOU Want URI Arguments Ordered

I had an email today from reader Stephen Harlow asking a Yahoo Pipes related question (I get this evry 2-3 weeks, at the moment, and try to answer them as best I can): “My problem is that the URL Builder in Pipes seems to muddle the order of query parameters in the URL… Is … Continue reading “Telling Yahoo Pipes How YOU Want URI Arguments Ordered”

Using YQL With Yahoo Pipes

A couple of days ago, @mikechelen asked: “can yql plug in to pipes for improved development, compared with other cloud platforms that accept standard languages?” where YQL is the Yahoo Query Language, a SQL like query language that can run queries on data pulled in from all over the web… There are a couple of … Continue reading “Using YQL With Yahoo Pipes”

Supplementing Yahoo Pipes with Javascript Functions

Something is happening to me… No time to play myself, so once again I find myself reposting other people’s hacks… but hey, I guess that means loads more to play with when I do have some time to tinker again… Anyway, here’s a quick round-up of a couple of tricks from @hapdaniel showing how to … Continue reading “Supplementing Yahoo Pipes with Javascript Functions”

Using YQL Execute to Supplement Yahoo Pipes With Arbitrary Javascript Code

In the post Supplementing Yahoo Pipes with Javascript Functions I showed a trick I learned from @hapdaniel that allows you to route a pipe through a Javascript programme using the Yahoo Pipes Webservices block and Appjet. But things move on, and it seems like Appjet hosted code will be no more: AppJet users look to … Continue reading “Using YQL Execute to Supplement Yahoo Pipes With Arbitrary Javascript Code”

Handling Yahoo Pipes Serialised PHP Output

One of the output formats supported by Yahoo Pipes is a PHP style array. In this post, which describes a way of seeing how well connected a particular Twitter user is to other Twitterers who have recently used a particular hashtag, I’ll show you how it can b used. The following snippet, (cribbed from Coding … Continue reading “Handling Yahoo Pipes Serialised PHP Output”

Getting Started with, Triplr SPARYQL and Yahoo Pipes

RDF, SPARQL and the semantic web are too scarey for mortals, right? So here’s a hopefully easier way in for those of us who are put off by the syntactic nightmare that defines the world of formal Linked Data: Yahoo Pipes :-) A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to get one of the … Continue reading “Getting Started with, Triplr SPARYQL and Yahoo Pipes”