Reflections on the Closure of Yahoo Pipes

Last night I popped up a quick post relaying the announcement of impending closure of Yahoo Pipes, recalling my first post on Yahoo Pipes, and rediscovering a manifesto I put together around the rallying cry We Ignore RSS at OUr Peril. When Yahoo Pipes first came out, the web was full of the spirit of … Continue reading “Reflections on the Closure of Yahoo Pipes”

Yahoo Pipes Retires…

And so it seem that Yahoo Pipes, a tool I first noted here (February 08, 2007), something I created lots of recipes for (see also on the original, archived OUseful site), ran many a workshop around (and even started exploring a simple recipe book around) is to be retired (end of life annoucement)… It’s not … Continue reading “Yahoo Pipes Retires…”

When a Hack Goes Wrong… Google Spreadsheets and Yahoo Pipes

One of my most successful posts in terms of lifetime traffic numbers has been a recipe for scraping data from a Wikipedia page, pulling it into a Google spreadsheet, publishing it as CSV, pulling it into a Yahoo Pipe, geo-coding it, publishing it as a KML file, displaying the KML in Google maps and embedding … Continue reading “When a Hack Goes Wrong… Google Spreadsheets and Yahoo Pipes”

Just in Case – Saving Your Yahoo Pipes…

Yahoo is laying off again, so just in case, if you’re a user of Yahoo Pipes, it may be worth exporting the “source code” of your pipes or any pipes that you make frequent use of in case the Yahoo Pipes service gets cut. Why? Well, a little known fact about Yahoo pipes is that … Continue reading “Just in Case – Saving Your Yahoo Pipes…”

Library Catalogue SRU Queries via YQL and Yahoo Pipes

I got a question from @liwazi last week wondering why a SRU request to the Cambridge Library catalogue wasn’t being handled properly in Yahoo pipes… I think it’s because the Yahoo Pipes XML parser is sometimes like that! Anyway, here was my fix – to use YQL as a proxy, based around a SRU request … Continue reading “Library Catalogue SRU Queries via YQL and Yahoo Pipes”

On flickr, delicious and Yahoo Pipes…

According to Slideshare, it was four years ago that I ran a series of social bookmarking workshops in the OU: At the time, I was a fan of delicious (still am), because it did what it did and it did it well enough. As part of the workshop, I tried to encourage folk to use … Continue reading “On flickr, delicious and Yahoo Pipes…”

Backup and Run Yahoo Pipes Pipework on Google App Engine

Wouldn’t it be handy if you could use Yahoo Pipes as code free rapid prototyping development environment, then export the code and run it on your own server, or elsewhere in the cloud? Well now you can, using Greg Gaughan’s pipe2py and the Google App Engine “Pipes Engine” app. As many readers of will … Continue reading “Backup and Run Yahoo Pipes Pipework on Google App Engine”

Yahoo Pipes Code Generator (Python): Pipe2Py

Wouldn’t it be nice if you coud use Yahoo Pipes as a visual editor for generating your own feed powered applications running on your own server? Now you can… One of the concerns occasionally raised around Yahoo Pipes (other than the stability and responsiveness issues) relates to the dependence that results on the Yahoo pipes … Continue reading “Yahoo Pipes Code Generator (Python): Pipe2Py”

Previewing the Contents of a JSON Feed in Yahoo Pipes

This post builds on the previous one (Grabbing the Output of a Yahoo Pipe into a Web Page) by describing a strategy that can help you explore the structure of a JSON feed that you may be pulling in to a web page so that you can identify how to address the separate elements contained … Continue reading “Previewing the Contents of a JSON Feed in Yahoo Pipes”

Feed Aggregation, Truncation and Post Labeling With Google Spreadsheets and Yahoo Pipes

Got another query via Twitter today for a Yahoo Pipe that is oft requested – something that will aggregate a number of feeds and prefix the title of each with a slug identifying the appropriate source blog. So here’s one possible way of doing that. Firstly, I’m going to create a helper pipe that will … Continue reading “Feed Aggregation, Truncation and Post Labeling With Google Spreadsheets and Yahoo Pipes”