Contextual Content Delivery on Higher Ed Websites Using Ad Servers

Since getting into the blogging thing over on the Arcadia Project blog, Huw has been coming up with some really thought provoking posts… In Context and meaning in search, he writes: Libraries have thousands of users and millions of resources crying out to be introduced to each other. But our search mechanisms tend to be … Continue reading “Contextual Content Delivery on Higher Ed Websites Using Ad Servers”

Using Graphviz to Explore the Internal Link Structure of a WordPress Blog

In The Structure of OUseful.Info, I showed how it was possible to extract an autopingback graph from a WordPress blog (that is, the graph that shows which of the posts in a particular WordPress blog link to other posts in that blog), illustrating the post with a visualisation of linkage within generated using Gephi. … Continue reading “Using Graphviz to Explore the Internal Link Structure of a WordPress Blog”

UK HE Libraries Using Google Analytics

How many UK Higher Education Library websites are running Google Analytics, and how many of them are actually using them to report anything other than sitewide pageviews and visitor numbers? A couple of years ago, I ran a series of posts on Library Analytics where I started to explore some of the ways in which … Continue reading “UK HE Libraries Using Google Analytics”

MOOC Platforms and the A/B Testing of Course Materials

[The following is my *personal* opinion only. I know as much about FutureLearn as Google does. Much of the substance of this post was circulated internally within the OU prior to posting here.] In common with other MOOC platforms, one of the possible ways of positioning FutureLearn is as a marketing platform for universities. Another … Continue reading “MOOC Platforms and the A/B Testing of Course Materials”

Repository Googalytics – Visits from HEIs

Chatting with @clarileia from the OU Library today about what a) interesting, and b) useful things we might be able to learn from web analytics around the OU’s open repository – – I wondered whether it would be possible to generate reports based around traffic coming from other HEIs. I had a vague memory … Continue reading “Repository Googalytics – Visits from HEIs”