Liberating Data from the Guardian… Has it Really Come to This?

When the data is the story, should a news organisation make it available? When the Telegraph started trawling through MPs’ expenses data it had bought from a source, industry commentators started asking questions around whether it was the Telegraph’s duty to release that data (e.g. Has Telegraph failed by keeping expenses process and data to … Continue reading “Liberating Data from the Guardian… Has it Really Come to This?”

In For a Penny, In For a Pound… My Promotion “Case for Support”

JUst before going away on holiday, I popped up a questionnaire asking for a little help working out what sort of impact – if any – I had on folk that could weave in to my promotion case for support… Thanks to all who took the time out to reply (it was very humbling:-) Anyway, … Continue reading “In For a Penny, In For a Pound… My Promotion “Case for Support””

A First Quick Viz of UK University Fees

Regular readers will know how I do quite like to dabble with visual analysis, so here are a couple of doodles with some of the university fees data that is starting to appear. The data set I’m using is a partial one, taken from the Guardian Datastore: Tuition fees 2012: what are the universities charging?. … Continue reading “A First Quick Viz of UK University Fees”

Fragments: Glueing Different Data Sources Together With Google Refine

I’m working on a new pattern using Google Refine as the hub for a data fusion experiment pulling together data from different sources. I’m not sure how it’ll play out in the end, but here are some fragments…. Grab Data into Google Refine as CSV from a URL (Proxied Google Spreadsheet Query via Yahoo Pipes) … Continue reading “Fragments: Glueing Different Data Sources Together With Google Refine”

OERs: Public Service Education and Open Production

I suspect that most people over a certain age have some vague memory of OU programmes broadcast in support of OU courses taking over BBC2 at at various “off-peak” hours of the day (including Saturday mornings, if I recall correctly…) These courses formed an important part of OU courses, and were also freely available to … Continue reading “OERs: Public Service Education and Open Production”

Filtering Guardian University Data Every Which Way You Can…

In a post from way back when – Does Funding Equal Happiness in Higher Education? – that I still get daily traffic to, though the IBM Many Eyes Wikified hack described in it no longer works, I aggregated and reused a selection of data sets collected by the Guardian datastore relating to HE. Whilst the … Continue reading “Filtering Guardian University Data Every Which Way You Can…”

Sketched Thoughts On Data Journalism Technologies and Practice

Over the last year or two, I’ve given a handful of talks to postgrad and undergrad students broadly on the topic of “technology for data driven journalism”. The presentations are typically uncompromising, which is to say I assume a lot. There are many risks in taking such an approach, of course, as waves of confusion … Continue reading “Sketched Thoughts On Data Journalism Technologies and Practice”

Recently (And Not So Recently) Advertised Data Jobs…

I’m doing a couple of talks to undergrad and postgrad students next work – on data journalism at the University of Lincoln, and on open data at the University of Southampton – so I thought I’d do a quick round up of recently advertised data related jobs that I could reuse for an employability slide… … Continue reading “Recently (And Not So Recently) Advertised Data Jobs…”