Idle Thoughts on “Data Literacy” in the Library…

In part for a possible OU Library workshop, in part trying to mull over possible ideas for an upcoming ILI2015 workshop with Brian Kelly, I’ve been pondering what sorts of “data literacy” skills are in-scope for a typical academic library. As a starting point, I wonder if this slicing is useful, based on the ideas … Continue reading “Idle Thoughts on “Data Literacy” in the Library…”

What Would An Open Access Academic Library Look Like, and What Would an Open Access Academic Librarian Do?

In the context of something else, I mooted whether a particular project required an “open access academic library” as a throwaway comment, but it’s a phrase that’s been niggling at me, along with the associated “open access academic librarian”, so I’ll let my fingers do the talking and see what words come out… Traditional academic … Continue reading “What Would An Open Access Academic Library Look Like, and What Would an Open Access Academic Librarian Do?”

Open Research Data Processes: KMi Crunch – Hosted RStudio Analytics Environment

One of the possible barriers to widespread adoption of open notebook science is knowing where to start. Video reports of lab experiments hosted on Youtube can be easily embedded in a hosted WordPress blog; a MediaWiki wiki can be used to provide one page per experiment, with change tracking/history on each page and a shadow … Continue reading “Open Research Data Processes: KMi Crunch – Hosted RStudio Analytics Environment”

OU IT, Analytics and SocialLearn Vacancies Round Up

There’s been quite a flurry of OU job ads out recently in the IT and analytics areas… Here’s a quick round-up: Head of IT Development (Curriculum Planning, Finance and HR) (£46,696 – £55,758): “We are looking for a Head of IT Development to manage the Curriculum Planning, Finance and HR team within IT Development. “You … Continue reading “OU IT, Analytics and SocialLearn Vacancies Round Up”

eSTEeM Project: Library Website Tracking For VLE Referrals

Assuming my projects haven’t been cut out at the final acceptance stage because I haven’t yet submitted a revised project plan, Preamble As OU courses are increasingly presented through the VLE, many of them opt to have one or more “Library Resources” pages that contain links to course related resources either hosted on the OU … Continue reading “eSTEeM Project: Library Website Tracking For VLE Referrals”

UK HE Libraries Using Google Analytics

How many UK Higher Education Library websites are running Google Analytics, and how many of them are actually using them to report anything other than sitewide pageviews and visitor numbers? A couple of years ago, I ran a series of posts on Library Analytics where I started to explore some of the ways in which … Continue reading “UK HE Libraries Using Google Analytics”

OU Library Home Page – Normalised Click Density

The OU Library website has been running Google Analytics for ages, but from what I can tell they haven’t done a hug amount with the results in terms of making the analytics actionable and using them to improve the site design (I’d love for someone to correct me with a blog post or two about … Continue reading “OU Library Home Page – Normalised Click Density”

Revisiting the Library Flip – Why Librarians Need to Know About SEO

What does information literacy mean in the age of web search engines? I’ve been arguing for some time (e.g. in The Library Flip) that one of the core skills going forward for those information professionals who “help people find stuff” is going to be SEO – search engine optimisation. Why? Because increasingly people are attuned … Continue reading “Revisiting the Library Flip – Why Librarians Need to Know About SEO”